Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Metal

Left 4 Dead 2 Gets the theme song it deserves. Metal meets Zombies. This is a fan film created by TEAMHEADKICK, for you guys the fans. Enjoy.

**Special Thanks to Machinima.com, vALVE, and most importantly YOU the fans!

Grab my shottie, oh lets go, yeah
Pick up the chainsaw, katana sword, incendiary ammo
Step out of the safe room and I see, here comes the horde
I got a smoker smokin and a boomer boomin at me
Gotta run, need some pills, dont disturb the witch
Half dead, Jockey ridin my head like a bitch
Tank smashing my teammates all to shit
Last stand, this is it

When will I be fed? You left me for dead (x4)

Shoot the undead, watch their heads explode, yeah
Moltov, pipe bomb, zombie come and get some
Ill kill 50 in a row
Get incapped and go down to one knee, here comes the horde
I got a hunter jumpin and a spitter spittin at me
Get up, take a shot, run cover the right
Defibrillator to keep you alive
Can we survive, were about to see
Until rescue arrives every zombie bleeds

When will I be fed? You left me for dead (x4)

Ah. DEAD (x4)

When will I be fed? You left me for dead (x4)

**Left 4 Dead 2 Metal (Left Me 4 Dead)
MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and Worldwide.**


  1. Awesome song, I really like it, it has something that makes me feel scenes from the game when I listen to it... Very good!

  2. Excellent song, I love it, is the one that use a guy in a video in youtube about the video game.

  3. Thanks nice review, please fix the video.